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Preparing for Tomorrow: The Future of Work

Glad to contribute to this article in PoliticsHome. Artificial Intelligence has much potential but it is important safeguards are built in to ensure that it does not exacerbate inequality in society, and in the workplace. Kirsten Oswald MP is the Scottish National Party MP for East Renfrewshire and speaks for the party on Equalities and Women. She told PoliticsHome that there is a risk that ongoing changes to the world of work could exacerbate inequalities that already exist. Oswald would like to see action now that mitigates that risk and helps deliver a fair and inclusive labour market for everyone. “Technology, AI, and changes in what consumers and society demand, coupled with the impact of COVID-19 on how we work, mean continued change is inevitable.,” she tells us. “If we don’t want to risk increased polarisation and an explosion in low-wage high-turnover jobs, we need to act to secure the future of work in a way that will benefit society.” ...It is a view that Kirsten Oswald MP shares, calling for action from government that hardwires equality into the changes that are continuing to transform the workplace. “Wellbeing, fair work, flexibility, and the smart use of technology and AI across all job sectors are the way forward. That will require determined action from the government, and a willingness to let go of outmoded ideas about what work will look like,” she tells PoliticsHome. “Positive change is not inevitable, but taking the steps to deliver structures to support a better working future will pay dividends across society.”


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