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POST OFFICES: 13th October 2020

A useful opportunity this morning at a meeting of the Post Offices All Party Parliamentary Group to push the Minster responsible, Paul Scully MP, on the vital importance of Post Offices in our communities both from the perspective of residents needing postal services and access to cash, but also from the point of view of anyone seeking to go into this business and needing to have confidence in business support and sustainability.

It’s safe to say the Minister was not necessarily aware of East Renfrewshire which he believed to be wholly rural. However, he is now aware that all our communities from towns to villages, more rural to more suburban areas, need postal services, and sub postmasters need proper and reliable business support.

I pushed him on all these fronts, following up the recent cross party letter (below), and we also discussed the progress of dealing with the shocking Horizon scandal which as I pointed out will damage the confidence of anyone looking to take on a Post Office until it is properly and comprehensively dealt with.

I’ll continue to keep this focus on Post Offices given the critical importance to our local area.


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