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  • Kirsten

Post Office Horizon Scandal

Updated: Jan 11

Glad to be able to contribute to debate on the Post Office Horizon scandal, a topic upon which I have spoken in the past. We need to see action as swiftly as possible to support those impacted and minimise the continued impact on them. We need particular focus on those hardest to reach, for example postmasters who have walked away scunnered and out of pocket and who are too worn down to proactively seek redress.

I also hightlighted the continued dampening of interest this scandal has caused in terms of a lack of enthusiasm for taking on Post Offices. This has impacted communities all over East Ren, most recently in Neilston where the PO is due to close temporarily on Saturday. of course it will only be temporary if they can find someone else to take it on. So, much more work is needed on ensuring that Post Offices are seen as a positive and sustainable business, safe to run, as is much needed in all our communities.


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