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  • Kirsten

Politics Live - 10th May 2021

Glad to join Jo Coburn and Panel today on Politics Live, to discuss the SNP landslide and our priorities for Government.

Perplexing to hear from the Tory MP Andrew Bowie that while he believed Boris Johnson has a mandate, he does not believe the same of Nicola Sturgeon. The SNP won 85% of the constituency selections, the highest ever vote number in Holyrood history, gained seats from Labour and the Tories, have a landslide in a historic fourth term, and we now have an even larger majority of independence supporting MSPs than in the previous term. Go figure.

Vexing also to hear Lord David Blunkett suggest that a further Holyrood election would be required, presumably because people did not vote the way he would have wished.

Of course that is all - not to be too rude - mince. We are delighted and very grateful for the support for the SNP, and we will start with a focus on our recovery, making sure Sxotland's recovery is a priority, as we said we would do, and our plan for the first 100 days of government. We will of course also look to put in place the other elements of our manifesto. This is democracy, and it is not for Andrew Bowie, David Blunkett, Boris Johnson or anyone else to stand in the way of that.


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