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  • Kirsten

PMQs: 15th July 202

At Prime Minister’s Questions, I raised a very important constituency case relating to a young East Renfrewshire resident, Daniel Caplan, who has been diagnosed with Diffuse Midline Glioma. This is a brain-stem tumour and I am very sorry to say this is a terminal diagnosis.

There have been no new treatments for childhood brain stem tumours for 40 years - there is little research anywhere into these conditions, and awareness levels remain stubbornly low.

I asked the Prime Minister to join me in supporting Daniel's family who are calling for a renewed focus on research and for a light to be shone on awareness of childhood brain stem cancers so that other families in the future do not have to face the heartbreak they are dealing with.

This family are dealing with the worst of times and I know they have the support and thoughts of us all.

Daniel's mother, Alison, has shared a petition seeking improved research into childhood brain stem cancers. I am sure she would appreciate your support with signatures:


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