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  • Kirsten

PMQs 12/2/2020

At Prime Minister's Questions today, I pointed out to Boris Johnson that the DAILY allowance for the unelected and unaccountable peers he is stuffing into the House of Lords is rising to £323, whilst the MONTHLY allowance for a single person over 25 on Universal Credit is £317.82.

I asked him if this was the levelling up he keeps talking about?

His answer was to refer to me and my colleagues as "these people", and to take no responsibility for the rest of it, as if it's not his Government that keeps piling their cronies into the Lords and as if it's not his Government that is responsible for the disastrous rollout of Universal Credit.

For now, it's just as well there are "these people" holding him and his Government to account, but I can certainly think of better ways to run our affairs.


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