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  • Kirsten

PM's Chief Advisor Breaks Lockdown Rules

Dominic Cummings, senior adviser to the PM, has said he believes he was right to drive all the way from London to Durham, with his wife and 4 year old child, because he and his wife felt they may require childcare, because they were suffering from Covid-19. This is completely at odds with what we all know are the very clear rules.

NHS guidance says:

"Do not leave home if you or anyone else in your household has symptoms". It's also at odds with media reports at the time strongly suggesting he was in London.

We all know the importance of keeping older family members safe, and I know so many people - myself included - who would give their right arms to see their parents, but we can't do that yet. I am at a loss to understand why Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health in the UK Parliament, has said on twitter that Dominic Cummings was "entirely right". Clearly he was not.

It's just not sensible nor responsible to say this was the right thing to do.

Ian Blackford MP, leader of the SNP group at Westminster, has written to the Cabinet Secretary, Mark Sedwill, asking for an urgent investigation into the matter, and that's what will need to happen. No 10 cannot seriously think it can make this go away by telling us this was fine, when we can clearly see it was not.


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