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  • Kirsten

PM backs Dominic Cummings

I have just watched the worst press conference I have ever seen. Boris Johnson entirely backs Dominic Cummings on his utterly irresponsible actions, and has suggested that the public are confused. I can tell him we are not at all confused, but we are utterly furious, certainly judging by my very busy email inbox.

He also suggested that the actions of Mr Cummings were what any responsible parent would do. That is patent nonsense, and very insulting to the many families who are dealing with hugely challenging situations, making incredible sacrifices, and missing loved ones. This is a huge slap in the face for all of us.

Please please do keep following the Scottish Government guidance, which I have linked below. Please don't go travelling around the country. Please don't visit your elderly relatives and break lockdown. Our advice is there for the purposes of keeping us all as safe as possible.

Please take care and look after yourself.


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