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  • Kirsten

Plea for action to help those with multiple sclerosis

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment process is having a devastating impact on people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Over 130,000 people in the UK live with MS, with 130 diagnosed each week. MS is a condition where the immune system attacks the coating which protects our nerves. Symptoms are different for everybody, but can often be invisible, and can fluctuate from day to day. However, the rigid PIP assessment criteria fails to take this into account. The MS Society’s new report ‘PIP and MS: A Decade of Failure’ reveals two-thirds (65%) of people with MS said going through the process had a negative or very negative impact on their physical and mental health. MS can be a very debilitating disease and those who suffer from it should be able to access the support they need without having to go through the humiliating PIP process. The UK Government must fix PIP now and stop failing people with MS. Thanks to Barrhead News for covering this.


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