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  • Kirsten

Pandemic and Brexit set to dominate as SNP MPs return to Westminster

It’s been a very busy recess in EastRen, with Covid causing real challenges for many local residents. As the Comons returns this coming week, the case for Westminster control of Scotland is weaker than ever. Scotland didn’t vote for Boris Johnson, who wants to drag Scotland out of the EU against our will, stigmatises innocent human beings fleeing persecution and his plans for a so-called UK internal market threaten a power grab on the Scottish Parliament.

The coronavirus crisis has pulled communities including ours together through the toughest circumstances, yet many now face crushing poverty.

SNP MPs will redouble our efforts to secure the extension of the furlough scheme to protect jobs and demand a vital package of funding to support the millions of forgotten freelancers across the UK.

These gaps could be fixed if Scotland had the full powers to make its own decisions, but while our European neighbours have extended their support for workers into 2021, the UK Government is asleep at the wheel.


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