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  • Kirsten

Overlee Park Litter Pick

Local residents and families will get together this Saturday 29th August for a community litter pick at Overlee Park. The litter pick is being supported by East Renfrewshire Council who will be providing litter pickers and bags and will uplift the collected refuse afterwards. Local Dad David McDonald first organised the event last May when many local families came along to help out, but he thinks now might a good time to give the park another tidy.

“Local families like mine use Overlee Park on a daily basis so we don’t mind helping keep it tidy. It’s such an important asset to this community, even more so during lockdown when it was great for the children to have somewhere to play and get fresh air since we couldn’t get out and about as much as we usually would have done and they didn’t have access to other activities. Lockdown would have been more difficult without having Overlee Park nearby. During the lockdown period the Park has been used more than usual however, so I think it is due another wee tidy.”

A large number of local families have already expressed an interest in coming along to help out on Saturday and organisers hope the event will remove even more rubbish from the park and surrounding area than last year.


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