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  • Kirsten

Open Doors World Watch List Event 2021

Everyone, no matter where they live, should be free to follow any religion, or none, as they wish. Every year that I have been elected, I have attended the World Watch List Open Doors event.

Yesterday, I attended online, but it was still clear that there continues to be huge interest in this event, which highlights and works to bring an end to the persecution of Christians around the world. The testimony we heard was chilling and Covid only exacerbated the pre existing vulnerabilities and persecution of communities.

As we know, where there is persecution of one religious group, there is likely to be persecution of others. This evening, I am attending an event organized by ‘Yet Again’ with a focus on the importance of preventing genocide, with vital discussions about the plight of Uyghur people, whose plight does not get the coverage it ought to. Listening to testimony about children’s “camps” is chilling.

The right to freedom of religion for all, is detailed in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I know this is an issue of great importance to many people in East Renfrewshire.


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