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  • Kirsten

Norman Smith Show

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Glad to join Norman Smith's BBC show earlier in the week, and discuss Coronavirus and the sensible approach Nicola Sturgeon has taken to the wearing of face coverings to keep us all safe.

This week we had Michael Gove on the Marr SHow telling us there was no need to regulate for the wearing of face coverings in shops in England, because people would use common sense and wear face coverings in shops anyway. Then we saw Michael Gove in a shop without a face covering, presumably not applying common sense, and finally we had a U-turn announcement that face coverings must be worn in shops in England from 24th July.

From a UK Government which has made announcements of significant changes such as those to return to work arrangements to happen overnight, I am baffled by the long run in period here.

In any case, I am really grateful for the very sensible people in East Renfrewshire for their approach, wearing face coverings in shops and on public transport and keeping themselves and those aroud them safe.


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