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  • Kirsten

No matter how Scotland votes, Westminster decides

No matter how Scotland votes, Westminster decides. That's profoundly anti democratic, and makes a nonsense of any notion of a Union of equals.

Whilst respecting the Supreme Court's decision in terms of the legal position - and they don't make the law - this situation leaves profound political questions about our right to decide our future.

We should reflect on what the ruling exposes about the reality of the union, because it is very clear that in the absence of a 2014 referendum-style process, the UK is not a voluntary union.

And that matters also because of the profound and damaging impact of the decisions taken at Brexit on all our lives. From Brexit, to the calamitous mini budget, people in Scotland pay the price every day for remaining part of this so called union of equals.

So, we must and we will have our say. Democracy cannot be denied, and attempts to do that will ultimately be the undoing of those who seek to override democracy.


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