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  • Kirsten

Nicola Sturgeon at Rouken Glen Garden Centre

Great to have Nicola Sturgeon in East Renfrewshire this morning. Super photos of her at Rouken Glen Garden Centre with Eastwood SNP candidate Colm Merrick earlier on.

Such a big issue for voters all over Scotland - Nicola Sturgeon has asked people in Scotland to vote SNP to keep the NHS safe and out of Boris Johnson's hands.

The First Minister highlighted the risk of putting power in Tory hands, with the threat of Tory cuts, power grabs, Brexit trade deals and creeping privatisation. If re-elected, the SNP will:

Deliver a 4% pay rise for NHS staff - within the first 100 days, compared to the insulting 1% on offer from the Tories. This means the average pay of a front-line NHS Scotland nurse would rise by over £1,200 a year.

Implement a full scale remobilisation of the NHS - with record investment, including increasing NHS funding by at least 20% (£2.5billion), investing £10billion in NHS infrastructure, and raising mental health funding by 25%.

Establish a National Care Service: increasing public investment in social care by 25% over the course of the parliament, delivering over £800 million of additional support for social care.


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