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  • Kirsten

National Autistic Society - Stepping Stones Event

The NAS East Renfrewshire Branch has a Stepping Stones project event coming up, and you are welcome to attend if this is relevant to you.

Stepping Stones aims to support parents/carers in the early stages of learning about autism, helping them to understand their child/young person (wherever in the diagnostic journey they are) and learn about local East Renfrewshire services.

If your child has received a diagnosis then this project is best suited to those who have received the diagnosis within the last 2 years or those on the diagnostic pathway.[0]=AZXwWPh_QeSINZkh9aQos3ax5yytAxwl6NW0J3UxgLyRhiUS1N-p_ASlBNLAd5-SpGcbX5jxua0YyEnBafixTqn2Ut15xQKHXjkziCaP3aDPJj6kF4IO1_bXIHxO4vNOtKaJQfpLoyPsPnvroEzBpk3m&__tn__=H-R

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