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  • Kirsten

More Brexit Red Tape for Business

The Tory hard Brexit is harming businesses and communities. The Tory UK Government - as can be heard from this non-answer I got today - remains in complete denial.

A report by the Food and Drink Federation has revealed that Scotland’s whisky and salmon exports were down by 11% and 6.4% respectively since 2019.

Cuti AM reports: " Strict new Brexit transport rules make UK businesses ‘give up’ on EU imports: ‘Simply not worth the hassle' "

Brexit has already cost Scotland's economy £3.94billion and is projected to cost every person the equivalent of £1,600 in red tape and barriers to trade compared to EU membership.

The last twelve months following the end of the transition period have caused untold damage to Scotland’s economy, businesses and households.

We have seen businesses face unnecessary red tape, dodgy trade deals, empty shelves, whole sectors sold out, standards ripped up, costly vanity projects, and household incomes fall.

It is ever clearer that independence is the only way for Scotland to secure a strong recovery, choose our own future and re-join the EU.

Read more below:

--Measuring the Regional Economic Cost of Brexit: Evidence up to 2019 (July 2020) -


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