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  • Kirsten

Menopause Debate 10th June 2021

Yesterday, I led for the SNP in a debate about Menopause. We don’t speak about this nearly enough, and that needs to change. For far too long, a polite veil has been drawn over issues facing women young and old and any mention of menopause, as if the perfectly normal state of affairs is somehow shameful, embarrassing, and distasteful.

I am heartened that the SNP is committed to developing a Women’s Health Plan for Scotland, and that we have plans in place to Work with women’s organisations and Trade Unions to gain a clearer picture of the issues faced by women transitioning through the menopause to identify other areas where action may be needed.

Let's be clear that in health, employment and social terms, we need to recognise that this situation requires work, and that we need to openly discuss this. Delighted to mention the Menopause Cafe in Newton Mearns and the fact that ERC is making plans to make progress on this issue too.


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