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  • Kirsten

Meeting with Unlipping PCOS

A very useful meeting with constituent Anji, the founder of Unlipping PCOS which is a great organisation, focussed on tackling the taboos and finding ways to minimise the impact of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - PCOS.

One in ten women are affected by this condition which can have a myriad of consequences, from weight gain, to acne, infertility to hirsutism, and more. It can be a real drain on how we feel about ourselves, how we see ourselves, and worry about how other see us.

There is also a shocking death of research into the condition, and a depressing lack of conversation about it too. I know when I have spoken about PCOS in the House of Commons, I have heard from a great many women who have felt nobody knew what they were dealing with and they were delighted someone was talking about it. I raised this issue again at the Women and Equalities Committee this week, in particular the lack of research being a key issue in fighting the condition and its effects.

You can learn more on the Unlipping PCOS page. I'm sure they will not stop talking about this, and you can be sure I won't either. Every conversation helps to increase awareness, and lessen the stigma many women face.


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