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  • Kirsten

Meeting with MS Society

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment process is having a devastating impact on people living with multiple sclerosis (MS). I recently met the MS Society, to discuss their new report ‘PIP and MS: A Decade of Failure’ which reveals two-thirds (65%) of people with MS said going through the process had a negative or very negative impact on their physical and mental health. Over 130,000 people in the UK live with MS, with 130 diagnosed each week. MS is a condition where the immune system attacks the coating which protects our nerves. Symptoms are different for everybody, but can often be invisible, and can fluctuate from day-to-day. However, the rigid PIP assessment criteria fails to take this into account. 10 years of a broken PIP system has meant a decade of stress, indignity and humiliation for people with MS. The UK Government must fix PIP now and stop failing people with MS. I am grateful to the MS Society for their tireless work, and was very pleased to meet them. Thanks to Barrhead News for covering this.


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