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  • Kirsten

Meeting with #LessWasteLaura about Disposable Vapes

I have spoken on a number of occasions about my concerns that disposable vapes are both environmentally damaging and a cause of public health harm.

Instead of being a aid for smoking cessation, as reusable vapes are, these brightly coloured throw-away versions are a real cause of concern because of the way they are marketed, and consequently used by young people - including children - and frequently by those who have never smoked at all.

That's before you get into the litter, and the problem of dealing with an item which contains plastic, metal, rubber, precious lithium, and is simultaneously designed to be disposable yet near impossible to properly dispose of. Even if you bin them, the problem remains.

I'm delighted the Scottish Government is taking these concerns seriously, and that reviews are underway, and I am ever grateful to the unstoppable Less Waste Laura, an East Renner now living in Dundee, who is at the forefront of tacking these issues.

It was great to meet Laura earlier, with my colleague Chris Law MP, and make plans for continued work in this important area.


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