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  • Kirsten

Medical Devices Debate

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Today, I participated in a debate on medical devices, which allowed me to speak about the issue of mesh implants, which have so blighted the lives of too many women.

Compounding the serious damage to health, wellbeing, relationships, jobs, which was caused by the impact of the mesh implants, was the fact that these women were not listened to.

The report which led to the debate, by Baroness Cumberledge, makes stark reading. Warning signs were dismissed, patient and practitioner concerns disregarded, and women suffered.

A recommendation for a truly independent commissioner for patient safety has now been consulted upon by the Scottish Government, and the UK Government must follow suit and avoid any more appointments of those with personal connections to Government. This issue is too important for that.

I hugely admire women like my constituent Nicole who I spoke of in the debate, and those who have long campaigned on this issue for their bravery but that bravery should not be necessary, and the very least we should now see is the UK Government stepping forward to follow the steps the Scottish Government is taking to support victims, as set out in the Scottish Mesh Survivors Charter.

Baroness Cumberledge's recommendations must be acted upon, so no more women have to suffer because healthcare is not set up to listen to our voices.


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