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  • Kirsten

Letter to the Chancellor - Covid-19 Support

This morning, I wrote (again) to the Chancellor, asking that he address the gaping holes in the UK Government Covid support packages, including the continued absence of any support for the 3 million 'excluded' - including freelancers, recently self employed, and many more - who continue to be completely missed from support programmes.

This afternoon, he gave a statement in the House of Commons, and yet again left these groups out in the cold. Many East Renfrewshire families are severely affected by this baffling and very unfair exclusion. The Chancellor needs to reconsider his continued refusal to help.

Hugely frustratingly, he also failed today to restore the promised £375 million promised to Scottish businesses on 6 January - which was then swiftly backtracked on. Scottish businesses need these promised funds, and my colleagues and I will continue to press for all of these groups.


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