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The Tory government’s irresponsible plans to impose an extreme Brexit in the middle of a global deadly pandemic could lead to a “systemic economic crisis,” a leaked UK government document has revealed.

The Cabinet Office paper dated September warned of a “notable risk” emerging from a combination of factors including Covid-19, the end of the transition period in just a matter of weeks and harsher health conditions over winter.

It also warns that food supply chains face potential disruption as a result of “circumstances occurring concurrently at the end of the year,” including an extreme Brexit – resulting in price rises which will hit low-income families the hardest.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Deputy leader Kirsten Oswald MP (pictured) said: “This leaked Cabinet Office document makes for extremely worrying reading.

“It makes clear that the Tory government’s reckless plans to impose an extreme Brexit in the middle of a deadly global pandemic could lead to a ‘systemic economic crisis.’

“It goes on to warn that domestic and global food supply chains face potential disruption, which is likely to lead to people’s pockets being hit due to price rises at a time when people's incomes have been squeezed or lost entirely.

“The coronavirus crisis has cost countless jobs and delivered a hammer blow to people’s livelihoods – with low-income families set to face the greatest hit from these findings.

“We face a Tory unemployment crisis and the UK government should be doing everything it can to deliver real financial support and extend support to those excluded from government coronavirus schemes.

“Instead, we have a Tory government pursuing all the wrong priorities with a return to austerity.

“It’s clear that Westminster is not acting in Scotland’s interests by withholding financial support, refusing to devolve key powers and imposing Brexit against our will.

“The only way to properly protect our interests is by becoming an independent country.”


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