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Kirsten Oswald, Member of Parliament for East Renfrewshire, has welcomed the full rollout in the Scottish Child Payment by Social Security Scotland.

The payment described as “game-changing,” by anti-poverty campaigners increased to £25 per week and applications are now open for eligible children aged under 16 years.

The payment was previously £20 per week and only children under 6 years were eligible.

The full rollout of the payment will mean an estimated 400,000 children in Scotland are now eligible, with families receiving £1,300 per eligible child annually.

Kirsten said: “This is a significant day in the fight against child poverty in Scotland. Families are struggling right now due to the cost-of-living crisis, so the expansion of eligibility and increase in the child payment will be welcomed by households who are facing financial hardship.

“The 2021 SNP manifesto promised to increase the Child Payment to £20 per week during the 2021-2026 Parliamentary term. It is a significant achievement to have delivered £25 per week so early in the term.

“With limited powers the Scottish Government are taking purposeful steps to end the scourge of child poverty. Later this week the UK Government will set out more cuts in the autumn budget. “Whilst the Scottish Government acts to ease the pressure on households, the UK Government adds to it.”

More information on the Scottish Child Payment can be found at:


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