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Many young folk in East Renfrewshire and across Scotland have benefitted from the Erasmus scheme, supporting them to broaden their horizons, and making their lives, and ultimately our country and economy richer.

The UK Government had the opportunity to continue Erasmus but they deliberately chose not to. They are replacing it with a new scheme, the Turing scheme, which is underfunded, will offer fewer opportunities, misses key points which Erasmus hit such as two way exchanges and specific support for those less well off. This is a sham of a new scheme, and it is a real loss. The Irish Government is supporting a continuation of Erasmus in Northern Ireland, which is great news for people there. The Scottish Government wants Erasmus back, knowing the positive impact this has had on many lives.

I asked Jacob Rees Mogg is we could discuss this urgently, but instead of considering this seriously, he treated me to a tele of his own classical education, and talked utter nonsense. This is all part of a Brexit race to the bottom, which takes opportunities away from our young folk.


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