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The SNP has said Boris Johnson is taking the UK "on the path to catastrophe" by imposing a last-minute low deal or no deal Brexit.

The Prime Minister today claimed he is "confident [the UK] will prosper" without a deal, whichbisbutyerlynerongbhesded. The only outcome possible at this stage is a low deal extreme Brexit, which would leave Scotland and the whole of the UK poorer and worse off.

The UK government has already left it far too late to avoid significant damage and disruption - by failing to strike a deal months ago, failing to put in place adequate preparations for ending the transition period, and failing to give businesses the support and guidance they need.

An expert study from Warwick University earlier this year revealed that Scotland is already £3.94billion worse off as a result of Brexit - losing £736 per head of population. Separately, Scottish Government analysis has revealed that Tory plans to end the transition period in 2020 could cut £3billion from the Scottish economy in two years - on top of the impact of coronavirus.

Fourteen polls in a row have now shown a majority for independence in Scotland - with the most recent poll by Panelbase showing support at 56%.

Boris Johnson is utterly deluded if he thinks we will prosper under reckless Tory plans for an extreme Brexit, when we know Scotland and the UK are already billions of pounds worse off.

The Prime Minister is taking the UK on the path to catastrophe. People won't fall for the theatrics - when the only possible outcome at this late stage is a very bad low deal Brexit or an even worse no deal. Either outcome will leave the whole of the UK poorer for decades to come.

The Tory government has already left it far too late to avoid significant damage and disruption. By failing to strike a deal months ago, and failing to put in place proper preparations the UK government has put businesses in an impossible position - in the middle of a global pandemic.

Whatever the outcome now, there will be nothing to celebrate. Even in the best case scenario, the Tory government will have terminated Scotland's membership of the EU against our will, ripped us out of the world's largest single market and customs union - a market seven times the size of the UK's alone, and ended our freedom of movement rights. That is a kick in the teeth to people across Scotland - and it will cause lasting damage.

Scotland has been completely ignored by Westminster throughout the Brexit process - demonstrating, yet again, that Scotland will never be an equal partner in the UK. It is clearer than ever that the only way to protect Scotland's interests and our place in Europe is to become an independent country.


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