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  • Kirsten

Islamophobia Debate

Yesterday, I spoke in a debate about Islamophobia. I pointed out that Islamophobic incidents reported in the last year have increased by a staggering 700%. That is chilling.

This should not be a party political issue. It's simply a matter of common decency to treat one another with dignity and respect, but the disgraceful comments Boris Johnson made about Muslim women do need called out, and I did so, again.

The UK Government Minister respond to the debate was out of step with every single other speaker, across the party divides. His comments about freedom of speech were ill-considered, and offensive. We can all do better on this, and we should be doing so in a respectful way.

On a more positive note, I was glad to be able to note the significant contribution of East Ren groups such as those connected to the Woodfarm Education Centre and the Langrig Road Centre, to supporting our local community in particular during the pandemic.


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