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  • Kirsten

International Women's Day debate

Pleased to speak for Scottish National Party (SNP) in the International Women's Day debate today. I dwelt upon some of the undeniable challenges facing women both at home and across the world, and I also spoke a little about some of the women who inspire me.

Women like Nicola Sturgeon who has inspired countless women with her tireless focus on equality, and my outstanding local colleagues, Councillor Caroline Bamforth SNP for Newton Mearns South and Eaglesham, Cllr Annette Ireland and Cllr Angela Convery SNP. I also mentioned Rahima Mamut who works so hard to support Uyghur Muslim women treated so appallingly by the Chinese state, and Less Waste Laura whose environmental work is truly making a difference. And I spoke about Rena McGuire, a Barrhead community activist who puts in the effort every day to improve the lot of women in our local community.

It's a privilege to speak in this debate every year, and I salute all those women, in the public eye or not, who make a difference every day.

You can read my full contribution here:


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