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  • Kirsten

International Women's Day Debate

Yesterday, I spoke in the annual International Women's Day debate at Westminster.

I spoke about the appalling situation where we have seen heavily pregnant Ukranian women being evacuated on stretchers, injured and under fire, due to Russian attacks on a maternity hospital.

I covered the daily realities of women's lives here and the need for more research into women's medical conditions including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. As well as health, I reflected on the need to address inequalities in work, and in politics. Far too few women participate in public life and that needs to change, for the benefit of us all.

It was a real pleasure to mention some of the women who inspire me by making lives better every day.

-Women like my councillor colleagues, Councillor Caroline Bamforth SNP for Newton Mearns South and Eaglesham, Cllr Angela Convery and Cllr Annette Ireland. -Women like the three young East Renfrewshire Women named in the YWCA Scotland - The Young Women's Movement 30 under 30 - Marissa Roxburgh, Kira Hendry and Elise Kelly.

-Women like Rena McGuire, Ashley McIlvenney, Oonagh McKinnon, and Annmarie Strain who work tirelessly every day to make our commmunity the best it can be. I could have added so many names of amazing East Renfrewshire women making a difference to our local area.

-Women like Carolyn, Nix, Tracy, Katie and Freya, who help me to help constituents.

These women and women just like them make such a difference to others, and they are so worth us all celebrating for International Women's Day.


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