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  • Kirsten

International Women's Day Debate

Today I led for the SNP in the annual debate on International Women's Day. I was going to speak about the economic inequalities which Covid has exacerbated, and I will carry on doing that on other days.

Hearing the news about Sarah Everard made me pause and rethink. Instead I spoke about the reality of the almost unconscious calculations women make every day, to keep themselves safe. All the times we walk along a dark street with our keys in our hands, or pretend to be on a phone call.

These are challenges the world over, but none of us should have to face them. What we really need to make change happen is for there to be no more "women's issues" just issues of importance we can all commit to addressing.

Until we get there, I applaud all the strong women who always raise their voices and who reach out a hand to support other women, particularly those from marginalised and minority backgrounds, like Nicola Sturgeon, and our local East Renfrewshire Councillors, Cllr Angela Convery , Cllr Annette Ireland and Cllr Caroline Bamforth.


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