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Concerns about Brexit and the Intenal Market Bill are widespread, and understandably so. This week, MPs recieved a letter from Scottish Church Leaders - you can read their letter using the link below - highlighting their concerns regarding the law breaking potential of the Bill, the fact that the devolved administrations including our Scottish Government will have these provisions forced upon them, and the potential for difficulties in the vital maintenance of peace in Northern Ireland.

These faith leaders specicifally asked that these concerns be raised in the House of Commons. I did that today, at Northern Ireland Questions. You can see by my face at the end that I was shocked at the response I got grom the UK Government Minister. Rather than accepting the issues raised, or agreeing to look into them, he said that the concerns were because they had been "misled by the SNP".

That's shameful, utterly ignorant, and absolutely cements the concerns raised by the Church leaders in the first place.

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