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  • Kirsten

Internal Market Bill

This evening, I took part in the debate on the Internal Market Bill being railroaded through the House of Commons by the UK Government regardless of their own admission on breaking International Law, regardless of the implications for Northern Ireland and regardless of the shameful smash and grab of powers, and provisions which will mean a race to the bottom in standards. This bill is a shameful and damaging piece of legislation and my colleagues and I can not support it.

The Welsh Government has described it, as “an affront to the people in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, who have voted in favour of devolution on numerous occasions”. This UK Government can’t be trusted, on Scotland, on devolution, on standards, on upholding international law. In fact, this Bill is shows they can’t be trusted at all.

It is no wonder that the Scottish Government is unable to recommend legislative consent. So much for a partnership of equals. This Bill demonstrates all too well why Scotland needs to make it’s own decisions, as a normal independent country.


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