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  • Kirsten

Internal Market Bill

Yesterday, I took part in the debate about the Internal Market Bill. My speech followed that of Theresa May, and for probably the first time, I found myself agreeing with much of what she said. She said she could not support the provisions and was scathing about the casual law breaking of the UK Government.

I agree with that, and this ill-concieved bill goes from bad to worse. My speech was focussed mainly on Northern Ireland, because I gave it in my role as Northern Ireland Spokesperson. But this Bill has profoundly troubling implications for Scotland too.

It is a grubby, law-breaking, race-to-the-bottom power grab, which will make us all poorer. This is plainly not a union of equals, and we cannot support these provisions which ride roughshod over devolution and facilitate a damaging drop in standards for all of us.


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