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  • Kirsten

Internal Market Bill

Good to join Ian Watson and fellow MPs on BBC News to discuss the events of the day.

The outrageous behaviour of the UK Government on the Withdrawal Agreement and Internal Market Bill makes a mockery of democracy and law.

Their law breaking, power grab is shameful and drives a coach and horses through devolution, and signals a race to the bottom, undermining the high standards we value in food standards, animal welfare, the environment and so much more.

Opposition to these shocking plans comes not only from Scotland, but from Europe, the USA, and within the UK.

Labour Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford describes the plans as "an attack on democracy" and says the Welsh Government will do everything it can to challenge the power grab.

Former Prime Minister, John Major has been outspoken on his opposition to the UK Government's law breaking plans, and a Welsh Assembly Tory Front bench member has quit over the power grab.

The Head of the UK Government Legal Department has quit over the planned law breaking on the Withdrawl Agreement. And so it goes on.

This all makes a no deal Brexit ever more likely, and it is a full frontal attack on devolution. The only way now to protect devolution is indepedence.


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