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  • Kirsten

Independence is Scotland's Only Way Back to Europe

It's clearer than ever that independence is Scotland's only way back to Europe, given that Keir Starmer has confirmed the Labour Party has joined the Tories as a hard Brexit party.

Having today ruled out any return to the EU, single market, customs union or freedom of movement, the Labour Party is now indistinguishable from the Tories on Brexit.

With Brexit costing the Scottish and UK economies billions of pounds, causing long-term damage to trade, jobs and public services, and worsening the cost of living crisis by raising costs and prices, it is now beyond doubt that independence is Scotland's only way back to Europe and the only path to economic prosperity.

Scotland didn't vote for Brexit, but under Westminster control it has been imposed against our will - costing the Scottish economy billions of pounds, inflicting long-term damage to economic growth, trade, jobs and the NHS - and making the Tory cost of living crisis much worse. It is astonishing that Labour can look at all the catastrophic damage Brexit is causing and decide to become a Brexit cheerleader.

It is increasingly clear that independence is the only way to secure the powers and opportunities Scotland needs to realise our potential.


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