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  • Kirsten

Include Me 2 Club Visit

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

I was really pleased to be able to bring Ian Blackford MP to Barrhead yesterday, to visit the fantastic Include Me 2 Club.

It was a great chance for him to meet the team - including these fantastic folk working at the Social Blend cafe - and also very useful to hear more about the phenomenal work going on in our community. I know how innovative and inclusive Include Me 2 Club is, and I was chuffed to be able to share that.

Great also to catch up with Paul Mcilvenny, and get a tour of the IMC2 facility. It's incredible what a transformation has been made. If you've not been, you can pop in for (lovely) coffee, visit the gift shop, and learn more about the club, at the James McGuire Building, Main Street, Barrhead.


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