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  • Kirsten

Impact of Covid on Disabled People Debate

Yesterday I spoke in a debate about the impact of Covid on disabled people, and the importance of making sure that we address the challenges and barriers which cause such harm to disabled people, and which have been exacerbated by the pandemic period. The failing UK benefits system is a key cause of harm, and the UK Government should act urgently to remedy this, and put dignity, respect at the heart of social security as we have done in Scotland, where experience panels also make a significant difference.

It was good to be able to note the excellent work locally of Cosgrove Care, Include Me 2 Club and Disability Action ER.

The debate took place on the day of the SNP Manifesto Launch, and the stark difference in focus was writ large, with us having the debate, whilst the SNP had a full manifesto for disability, progressing issues of importance including NHS funding, a Commissioner for Autism, Neurodiversity and learning Disability, a focus on supporting disabled children, a National Care Service,a farmers Social Security system, support for transition, improved transport accessibility, a focus on fairer employment, and a great deal more which you can read about here:

We are all the better for living in a country where work is put in every day to make things fairer and more inclusive. The SNP manifesto is a powerful means of achieving that, and I would urge you to vote both votes SNP.


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