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The SNP Westminster group will be voting against Boris Johnson’s terrible Brexit deal when parliament is recalled on Wednesday. Scotland didn’t vote for this. It’s an awful deal, and in every single way worse than what we have now.

This hard Tory Brexit is an unforgivable act of economic and social vandalism, being imposed against Scotland's will and which will cause lasting damage to jobs, incomes, businesses and the economy - costing Scotland billions.

Scotland has been completely ignored by Westminster throughout the Brexit process - and the people of Scotland have the right to determine our own future as an independent European country.

Scotland's economy has already lost billions as a result of Brexit: A Warwick study estimates Scotland had lost £3.94billion by July 2020 and a Scottish Government analysis estimates a hard Brexit of the kind being imposed by Boris Johnson could cut Scotland's GDP by around 6.1% - costing Scotland more than £9billion, or the equivalent of £1,600 for every person, by 2030 compared to EU membership.

I cannot support this terrible hard Tory Brexit deal - East Renfrewshire did not vote for this, and Scotland did not vote for this.


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