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  • Kirsten

Holocaust Memorial Debate

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I was pleased to speak in yesterday's Holocaust Memorial Debate for the SNP.

Holocausts don't happen all of a sudden, but are a result of a creeping acceptance of hate and intolerance. It's for all of us to reject that wherever we see it, and to stand together and call it out.

We need to learn the lessons of the past if we want to influence the future, and I was glad to be able to speak about some strong women, with a focus on standing up for others - women like Ingrid Wuga, Nicola Sturgeon, Karen Pollock, Danielle Bett, Kirsty Robson, and Jane Haining.

Jane was a Scottish School teacher who refused to abandon pupils at her Budapest school who were being sent to Auschwitz. She went with them, refusing to abandon them at the most terrible time.

Before she died in Auschwitz, she wrote:

"If these children need me in times of sunshine, how much more must they need me in times of darkness".


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