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  • Kirsten

Holocaust Memorial Day Debate

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. It was a privilege to speak for the SNP yesterday in the annual Holocaust memorial debate in the House of Commons.

The theme for the year is 'Ordinary People'. Much to ponder, given the victims of the Holocaust were just ordinary people - and so were the perpetrators, and the bystanders.

I was glad to be able to speak about some of the excellent local work being done including by students at ERC schools, and to reflect upon the outstanding work done by Henry and the late Ingrid Wuga, sharing their testimony which has been so influential to so many young people across Scotland over many years.

One of the things I wanted to speak about in particular was the individual people lost - murdered simply because of their identity. The horrific number is always important to reflect on, but so too are the individuals - ordinary people who deserve to be remembered.

With intolerance, conspiracy and denial growing in many places, it has never been more important that we reflect, and take the time to remember, so that it doesn't happen again.


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