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  • Kirsten

GMB - British Gas Meeting

Pleased to join GMB members employed at British Gas at a meeting earlier, where we heard from them directly about the impact on them and their families of Centrica (who own British Gas) threatening to sack staff who don't accept paycuts, extended working hours, and diminished terms. Centrica have not behaved properly here, and the months of threats have finally led staff to take the first gas industry strike action for 70 years in an attempt to make them see reason.

Glad to see colleagues there, including Gavin Newlands MP, who has recently brought forward a Fire and Rehire Bill which if adopted would stop employers adopting these shoddy tactics to effectively blackmail their workforce into submission.

I know that many of the affected staff have spent the past months undertaking vital essential work to keep us safe, and that many have also teamed up with organisations including foodbanks to provide deliveries to those in need. This is not the way to treat staff, and they have my solidarity.


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