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  • Kirsten

Global News: 7th September 2020

Spoke to Global News earlier about the latest irresponsible and troubling shapeshifting on Brexit from the UK Tory Government. Their conduct is reckless and damaging, and there is no good news for Scotland, or the rest of the UK in their push towards a dreadful deal or no deal Brexit.

The latest manoeuvrings on the Withdrawal Bill are straight out of the playbook of a failed state, and should be of great concern to us all, given the implications both for any future treaties - why would anyone wish to deal with a government that behaves this way, and for Northern Ireland.

This is not what we voted for. It is not right for East Ren, or for Scotland. We cannot be dragged over this Brexit cliff edge into a race to the bottom. Scotland has another, better option, and it has never felt more pressing.


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