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  • Kirsten

Future of Work meeting with CMI

It was smashing to join the Chartered Management Institute Scotland this evening for a panel discussion and Q&A on the future of work, and in particular hybrid working.

The 'new normal' in many workplaces will not be a return to the same old same old, and neither should it be. Discussions like this are part of finding a way forward that works fairly, and flexibly, with the voice of employees at the heart of the operation.

Studies are increasingly backing up the notion that productivity can increase via hybrid working, and it's also evident that hybrid working will enable a more diverse range of employees to take up and sustain post, which means a broader talent pool to recruit from, in particular if we can accommodate caring and other responsibilities which often fall disproportionately to women.

Thanks to CMI Scotland for asking me to participate. The future of work matters to all of us, and it's vital that it is fair and sustainable.

You can watch the session here.


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