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  • Kirsten


It is being reported that the Chancellor is seeking to make changes to the furlough scheme. As so often, these reports are unclear, because no official announcement has been made. I know this will be a cause of anxiety to many people at a difficult and worrying time.

There is the potential for flexibility in the scheme, both now and as we move forward, but it must be flexibility to support the protection of jobs, and flexibility around how people are able to work.

Work has changed for many people and we can't and shouldn't be looking to simply go back to how things were.

There are challenging times ahead, and it is critical that in any thinking about jobs, income and the economy, that fairness, and people are at the heart of the solutions we arrive at for the new normal in the workplace.

I wrote to the Chancellor about these issues earlier this week, and I sincerely hope that fairness and flexibility will form part of his considerations in looking at the furloughing scheme.

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