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  • Kirsten

Fur's Dirty Footprint - Fur Free Britain

Very happy to join the charity Fur Free Britain to support the launch of their report ‘Fur’s Dirty Footprint', which demonstrated how farming millions of carnivores such as mink, foxes, and raccoon dogs required large quantities of meat, contributing large amounts of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. The carbon footprint required to produce 1 kilogram of mink fur was found to be 31 times higher than 1 kilogram of cotton, 26 times higher than acrylic, and 25 times higher than polyester. Polling data showed that 75% of people living in East Renfrewshire supported a fur import ban. At Westminster, I have raised the issue of fur imports on several occasions, criticising the UK Government for failing to act on fur when they recently dropped the Kept Animals Bill, and tabling an Early Day Motion calling for the Queen’s Guards to use faux fur rather than bear fur for their caps. The farming of fur is highly unethical and the evidence in this report also points to the damaging impact the practice has on our environment and climate. The UK Government must stop the delays and expedite a ban on the farming of animals for fur and introduce a comprehensive ban on the import and sale of animal fur.


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