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  • Kirsten

"FM urges people to take the advice on coronavirus seriously"

I have just been contacted - again - by residents concerned about a big group of teenagers playing football in one of the local school playgrounds. I walked up, with Cllr Colm Merrick - walking on different sides of the road - but they were dispersing as we approached. Probably away home for their tea.

Yesterday, I posted about this twice. Please don't just let your kids wander off out with their pals. It's not that we want their freedoms limited. It is because we want to keep folk alive.

If you don't absolutely need to go out, don't go out. That applies equally to all of us. Please keep your kids in. Follow the social distancing advice.

As the First Minister said earlier: "Don't crowd together in a park or on a beach..." She said our lives shouldn't feel normal just now, because we need to make hard decisions and change our behaviour to preserve life. Please follow her advice


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