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  • Kirsten

Flexibility Works Event

Very pleased to speak at an excellent Fexibility Works event this morning, alongside fellow speakers focussing on employment law and business, about the benefits of flexible working.

Delighted that Neil Gray MSP, Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary whose brief includes Fair Work, sent an excellent video message, outlining the great work that the Scottish Government is doing - so far as it can without the power over employment law - to deliver and embed fair work across Scotland.

It's so important that opportunity for flexibility in work is afforded to people working in all sectors, and not only office based staff, and it was inspiring to hear from Dawn McFarlane of Scotia Home Care Solutions on the benefits her staff see from flexibility in their roles, and the resulting benefits for the business in excellence of service, recruitment and retention.

Fair work must be at the core of all we do, the research from Flexibility Works and others bears out the benefits of flexible working, and the ability of staff to work in a way which suits their lives is very significant.


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