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  • Kirsten

First Glasgow Meeting

Thanks to First Glasgow for a very helpful meeting earlier regarding local bus services, enabling me to raise the various concerns constituents had raised with me.

Particular updates which may be of interest include:

--I have asked that the timetabling of the 4a be re-examined in particular because of the mis-match with Williamwood school times. This service is of a continued concern to pupils and parents, and a change of time would be a start in addressing them. They will look further at this issue.

--Reliability and frequency of services in East Ren - most often raised with me are the 6 and 4a. They'll look into issues as I raise them, so please keep me informed of specific issues.

--The app has been a bit problematic for constituents recently. I understand that the recent upgrade and driver sift changes have had an impact but that this should be okay now. Again, if you have concerns I can try to get resolves, please let me know by emailing

--I was also able to point to some really helpful drivers operating in our local area, and it was good to hear that increases in wage levels are having a positive impact on driver recruitment which has been an issue in the past.


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