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Financial hit as weekly £20 Universal Credit boost is axed

Analysis by experts at poverty charity the Joseph Rowntree Foundation shows the cuts will affect 4,690 working age families in East Renfrewshire.

Kirsten Oswald, the area’s MP, has also warned it could take £5million out of East Renfrewshire’s economy each year.

She has urged the UK Government to reconsider its decision in light of the dire warning issued by the poverty charity.

Ms Oswald told the Barrhead News: “These figures must be a wake-up call for the UK Government to halt its plan to cut the income of families while the economy is struggling in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

“If the Tories push ahead with this disastrous policy, it will hammer thousands of families here in East Renfrewshire and expose their promise of ‘levelling up’ as no more than empty rhetoric from a government that is out of touch with ordinary people.”

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